Columbian Press AT200

This work is the latest in the journey of making books from scratch at Project Letter-kunde.

The first edition of this work was an ambitious project started by Patrick Goossens and Robert Oldham in 2014, printing the copy on the Columbian hand press.

For this second edition, we paid a lot more detail to basically every step in the process. The copy was updated and revised and the text was recast on a computer-driven Monotype composition caster by Gilbert Decorte, using the Welliver system. After that, the final printing was done by Rien van Heck on a Heidelberg Cylinder Press. Sadly, the project came to a grinding halt after this, due to the passing away of Gilbert Decorte and the global Covid pandemic.

By the end of 2022 Jurie Florijn, who was finishing up the engraving of Deinze Type at the collection, took on the job of getting the second edition to market. The book was bound by Ruth Bonnewel in half linen and paper; in the colours blue, yellow and red and marketed on the Letter-kunde website.

Overall, it turned out to be a very enjoyable little book and we are very proud to present it to Private Press enthusiasts at a very affordable price, trusting that it will meet the expectations. Be sure to check in regularly for updates on the next Letter-kunde book!

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